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UPDATED 09/08/2009

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6-3-07 Pulled up to Cojo at 9 AM & turned on the weather radio to listen to the buoys...Cojo was flat (a few dribblers), but not much. Just when the Santa Monica Buoy reported 5 feet at 15 seconds, Mike remarked...."Did that REALLY say 5' at 15...?" And no sooner did Mike say that when a 10 wave set rolled through, with the last 4 waves being head high & hollow.

Not another soul around...Mike & I surfed until 10 AM, when another inflatable with 2 guys pulled up & we surfed all day (3 PM), the 4 of us...truly remarkable for a Sunday in Southern California. As the tide came in, the waves got mushier & smaller...(as the photos show). After I burned out, I took the photos...(the photos don't do justice to our morning session)...hollow & head high!

Cojo Dave
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