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UPDATED 09/08/2009

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Trout fishing with Ernie in the high sierras some how inspired me. I had a vision for surfboard design and scratched it down on paper. Maybe it was watching my Grandma ironing while visiting I don't know but simple appealed to me. I shaped and glassed an experimental 6' parallel hard rail board. 1/2 moon nose, flat bottom, 3" thick from nose to tail. Upon seeing it Ernie said "Looks just like the wierd sketch". I tested the design in healthy Jalama lefts. Every time I went right I spun out. Lefts were a dream. The bite I got off my weighted heals sunk that tail and made that thing fly, had to ease into cutbacks. The wilderness guys were interested until they heard I designed it myself. They mumbled, looked at me like I was from outer space and walked off.

I reshaped the thing losing about 1' in length, pulled the tail in, but kept the thick hard 90 degee edge. Went to 3M's in mexico, rights, on a good 6'+ day. Same trouble. I solved it by taking off at angle, cheater 5, no bottom turn, fly out onto flat and cranked it over. The speed of backside bite on all that foam and edge was unreal. The board was a popular loaner. Guys who wanted to go to the beach with their parents could put the board in the trunk. Called it what else "The Ironing Board".

Mick Lereeff
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