Hey Mike Richard,
Here is the second part of some spelling updates that I noticed in your Logo Library...
     1) MG/Maurichio Gil Surfboards logo pics- (Please remove the “h” out of Maurichio, should be “Mauricio”) (Two Pics) X
     2) Mcloud logo pic- (This yellow logo reads “McLeod La Jolla”) (This is the last Mcloud logo listed that needs correcting only) ?
     3) Mizell logo pic- (This fish logo with orange background is actually a “Barry Vandermeulen” logo) X
     4) Mark Ogran logo pic- (This spelling should be “Mark Agram” Surfboards) X
     5) Island Scene logo pic- (This second Island Scene logo belongs to “Sundancer” Surfboards)
     6) Irwin Surfboard pics- (These 3 pics should be spelled “Irvin” Surfboards)
     7) Force 9 Surf pics- (6 pics in total, please remove the word “Surf” from the first 4 pics) (First 4 pics are Australian “Force 9” Surfboards, last 2 pics are American “Force 9 Surf” Surfboards)
     8) Wave Weapons logo pic- (The last Wave Weapons logo pic is actually a “Fox” Surfboard, Wave Weapons is the model)
     9) Wildone logo pic- (This is a duplicate logo of “Wildfong” Surfboards) (Other Wild Fong logo should be spelled as one word “Wildfong”)
   10) Windiya logo pic- (This logo should be “Windigo” Surfboards)
That’s good for now, good work on the last updates, thanks for the effort!