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SurfingHeritageFoundation.orgPlease see Andy Anderson's Surfing Heritage Foundation if you can't find it here, "The Stoked n Board Project". Surfcrazy / Stanleys is devoted to the art of the surfboard logo. Help fill in the gaps of knowledge regarding any surboard label. Looking for owner / shapers names, dates, locations, eyewitness - personal accounts etc. Send logos in .jpg, .gif, .png formats for best results. email: mike at surfcrazy


I just found the logo from my long board I bought custom made in1963 or 1964 "Alii" Daytona Beach Surf Shop. Thanks for a great site, or should I just say Bitchin Dude ? It was 9'3", later had nose cut andconcaved like a Munoz Nose Rider, over 50 yrs ago!

Jim Turner

ED: This is why i made library, thanks Jim, cool memories hey.


TAYLOR SURFBOARDSYes I'm trying to find information on this particular board I've had it for a while and can't find any information on it now that I've decided to start looking up info on it. Any information can help

Thank you, Patrick

ED: New one to me what coast are you on?

Bottom coast bought it in Destin over 15 years ago. I am landlocked now in Jefferson, Texas, but I still ride when I can get down to the Gulf and kitesurf off a local Lake when the wind is up. Still have her and my stussy short board. We also take a friend's wake boat out and turn the trim all the way up and surf the surfboards that way if we don't want to wakeboard.

Thank you, I will ask when I'm down that way. I've been wanting to get back to the coast or move to some islands. I'm on disability from the chemical exposure so it's not something I think I can do on my income now.

Thank you for your time, Patrick

ED: Thank you for sending Patrick. Any one out there know?


Hi there. I love the site. I’ve been using this logo since 2013
Thanks for all you do!

Chris Ruddy

ED: thanks, contributions like yours make it happen!


i love Pools I broke my neck diving into one. After a year of rehabilitation I went back to the very same pool and with help hopped back in. Nothing wrong with the pool. I messed up as a pool user. Thankfully I had good Insurance that paid over one million 1977-78' USD for treatment and rehab.The Lawyers pestered me for a year to sue. I did'nt sue anyone. I messed up not my buddy Ron who owned the pool. He wasn't even there.

Despite all the modern medical marvels occuring daily still the care and rehabilitation of neck breakers has declined dramatically. Why?.Insurance companies don't want to shell out a million plus dollars.These days the minute Anyone is hospitalized, discharge planners are planning the patients discharge. Why? The hospitals lose money. If your uninsured hospitals want you out NOW. Social workers will hook patients up with Medicare and state Medicare in California. A spinal cord injured patient is stablized given a bit of therapy for maybe a month these days and discharged to family or sent to a nursing home.

Attention Wavegarden, Kelly Slater/WSL et all. its not a matter of if but when. No matter how many corporations formed, releases of liability forms you get signed I hope your well insured. If someone actually dies surfing in a Wavepool from a broken neck or other accident ya'll best have as much insurance as Disneyland.

Mike Richard


TILLY SURFBOARDSWe have a surfboard that was given to us a long time ago by my brother in law who had an antique store in California. I took it out of our sons room and I was looking at it trying to find out what brand it is, or anything really. On the left side of the top it says TILY the logo is grey with dark maroon around letters. It has some Faith riding co stickers on it but only 2 on each side top and bottom. It does have 3 fins brand name EXCEL Back says shaped by Tily Positc (?) I'm not sure on exact spelling of last name but that is what it looks like, under that are measurements of 6'3 and so on. Do you know where I can look for info. I'm lost.Thanks, Danelle

ED: Anyone have a clue?

HAMMER SURFBOARDSBIG tip of the hat to Matt W. Ford for sending this gem looks like a early HAMMER SURBOARDS logo

Wowzer, yowzer We got another whopping winter, swell upon swell. Jan 21st Saturday Monterey Bouy broke record since bouy was installed 37ft @ 20 seconds! 50ft breakers were reported on Nor Cal news. Any spot with west exposure rocked from Point Conception down the Baja pennnsula.The internet is full of photos my favorite was 30ish guys standing in line awaiting their turn to paddle out at sand spit. Shocking cooperation before launching out into the chaotic free for all.

South Bay firing at Redondo and old gangland points, Swarmies and beyond was swarmed with daredevils with enough GRUNT to get out there.

FUNNY: After 20+yrs of selling "California High Wave Patrol" printed merch I get a cease and desist order! Only similarity was using a shield. .Come on Coppers! 50yr old logo firstly "copyright exprired' plus WE THE PEOPLE PAY THESE guys and OWN the IMAGE!. WTF? Another case of public servants forgetting their place or officer Bob wanting to start up his own line of CHWP gear...fuck.

Reminds me of the UCSB genius' who I assume came up with a grand idea at a keg party, Let's put a bear on a surfboard. rename CA St Flag to California Surfing Republic Flag. BRILIANT! WE"LL BE THOUSANDAIRS! Then they look around OMG this poor fkr in Vta STOLE our idea and is SELLNG IT! I get slapped with the cease and desist. Assholes, I designed the CA flag knock off 10+ yrs earlier.... Since then I've seen surfing bear flags done to death from fortune 500's to Eddie Elpeso and his 13yr old crew printing them now in El Salvadore shipping em norte as I type. WHO CARES? not me. BOOTLEG all you want fk it LMFAO

Then there was pop out company DWAIN Surfboards, LOL. every kid who's Dad made surfboards in 60's LOOk out, Never even printed any asfew as a joke BAM cease and desist. Like I care?

A kook in Michigan was selling chinese skateboards called "Paradise Longboards". I create a surfboard logo 15 yrs earlier for a local surf shop. Noodle head crossed his T's dotted his I's and TRADE MARKED "Paradise Longboards"... I contact guy ask PROVE IT. Guy sends me michigan TM document. I reply otay goober enjoy the icebergs u win.

MY FAvorIte RICH ASSHOle ATTORNEY LIVES at "THE RANCH" cease and desist. Yeah that RANCH. No scummy parcel owner here. He's got thee buildable lot out of the parcel of 12 lots. 100's of ppl own 1/12 a parcel or are partners in the 1/12th why? ACCESS. In the 80's an unusable 1/12 sold for 36k now? 136K or more. I resurect HAGGERTYS SURF CLUB. The fat cat on his spiffy embossed Letter head heavy parchment... threatens cease and desist. I'm done. The fat fuck took the club to his grave, H^5

The minute you create fun, value out of anything forgotten look out for rocks and arrows. Today most of the above has slipped back into obscurity


A Big thanks to all who contribute to this antique website, yeah it's a clunker but at least i can update it. I get emails daily from developers and other web consultants to help surfcrazy.com get better search positions in google, higher rankings here or there. New web coding bla bla bla.

I laugh and reply, "Well you found it right?" Sure I could use a million dollars but then what. wetsand.com and I started these sites around the same time.(I had others in 80's) They, He or She lived at Solimar or Faria already, got rich or richer I guess, huge warehouse, physical Surf Shop on Main. I'm stoked for wetsand, employing a lot of happy Folks is cool.

I'll continue editing, uploading photos of Surfboard Logo Artwork showcasing the work of artists world wide. Buy something help hosting costs if ya can, My time is gratis. I'm thankful to be here and feel like the luckiest man alive. I don't live on the wet sand but when surf is big late at night I hear the thump.

Will ride this baby till the BIG closeout, Thanks again you ALL

Mike Richard


UNKNOWN SHAPERHi. Nice collection of labels. Have you ever seen this one. Three stringer board with wood block nose and tail block. 9'2.

Thanks!!! Cappy

Rob racappy@aol.com

ED: Thanks to folks like you this collection exists. Anyone have a clue?




Greetings!  I just checked Greg Liddle’s website, liddlesurfboards.com.  He’s announced that he officially stopped shaping this month, October, 2016.  A couple of longtime fans of his surfboards have apparently taken over the liddlesurfboards.com and are continuing to produce “Liddle Designs” surfboards under Greg Liddle’s supervision.  All things must pass.  —Chris Anderson, Atlantic Beach, Florida (Formerly Van Nuys, “the valley,” L.A.).  —Chris A

ED: Thanks Chris for sending, i'm almost speechless..

Greg Liddle is a legend at Malibu Surfrider Beach and later in Kaui HI. From the late 1960's on His surfboards never deviated from the full round planing hulls, Only those who took the time to learn, to feel the flow and glide rode them. A beautiful thing to watch. I had two friends devoted to them, John Wojic featured in SURFER magazine and "Cowboy" Bob Mardis ripped on those Surfboards and had a blast doiing it.





originators of the team country surfing format




Rick StonerRICK STONER by John Whitney

Rick Stoner was born in San Diego, California in 1937 and grew up in Hermosa Beach. His life as a lifeguard, surfer and surfboard builder paralleled that of his good friend and former business partner Bing Copeland. Both were Los Angeles County lifeguards, both became accomplished surfboard designer/shapers, and both were mentored by the late Dale Velzy in the early '50s. In September of 1955, Rick first went to Hawaii with Bing, Sonny Vardeman, Mike Bright and Steve Vorhees. They were lured there by stories from Velzy--who had been surfing on Oahu in 1950 and '51--about bigger waves and warmer water.

The five friends first lived in a small Quonset hut near Makaha Point, but their savings quickly dwindled to nothing. So how do a couple of California surfers--who have no money and want only to go surfing every day--get by? Enlist in the military and get stationed in Hawaii, that's how! In early '56, Rick and Bing each signed up for two-year stints in the U.S. Coast Guard aboard the cutter Bering Strait out of Honolulu. Sonny Vardeman and Steve Vorhees joined the navy, but were stationed on the mainland.

When Rick and Bing were discharged in late 1957, both went back to lifeguarding on the beaches of Southern California. But the allure of riding waves in faraway places got the best of them and in a few short months, the pair found themselves on a 42-foot sailboat bound for the South Pacific. On November 27, 1958, they sailed into the harbor at Auckland, New Zealand. They quickly befriended members of the Piha Surf Club and spent the next two months surfing and paddleboarding with them. Anxious to somehow compensate club members for their hospitality, Rick and Bing built them a total of eight Styrofoam and epoxy surfboards--the first foam surfboards ever built in New Zealand.The days of hanging around Velzy's shop in Manhattan Beach, California had paid off; armed with at least some shaping experience and using makeshift tools that included a cheese grater, Rick and Bing made obsolete the 14-foot hollow wooden boards the Piha Surf Club members had been riding. A plywood stringer was sandwiched between Styrofoam panels to make each blank. The blanks were shaped and then glassed using epoxy resin.

In February of 1959, the pair returned to California and took up lifeguarding once again. By October of that year, they were in business together, opening Bing and Rick Surfboards on the strand in Hermosa Beach. Just one year later, Rick was planning to get married and in anticipation of added responsibility, decided that making surfboards was not the way to make a living. Bing Copeland bought out Rick's interest in the business and launched Bing Surfboards. Rick continued lifeguarding full time and moved up through the ranks of the Los Angeles County Lifeguards organization, eventually earning the rank of lieutenant. In 1961--while still working as a lifeguard--he started Rick Surfboards. In 1966, his company produced two well-known signature models--the Dru Harrison Improvisor and the Barry Kanaiaupuni model. The Improvisor was introduced after Harrison won the Swami's Pro-Am (first place prize money was a whopping $500!) and placed eighth in the World Championships. Kanaiaupuni, whose powerful, aggressive surfing style was especially well suited to the shorter and narrower "pocket rocket" boards of the late '60s and early '70s, actually shaped at Rick Surfboards for a short time beginning in 1967. Rick Surfboards expanded by opening operations on the East Coast and Hawaii, and was the first name to export surfboards on a large scale to Peru.

While many of the surf shops that dotted California's Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles County went out of business in the late '60s, Rick Surfboards did not. Because his business was financially sound, Rick was able to sell it, which he did--to the Hamilton brothers in 1974. But with little experience in surfboard manufacturing, the business was soon in trouble. In 1980, Phil Becker, Dave Hollander and Steve Mangiagli bought the struggling business and Becker Surfboards was born. Becker was Rick's primary shaper from about 1963 until 1980, while Hollander had been a glosser and Mangiagli a glasser for Rick. John Leininger, who was Rick's sales manager, joined the Becker team to head up retail operations. Sadly, Rick Stoner's life was cut short in 1977 by a brain tumor. Considering all he did as a lifeguard, surfboard builder and businessman, he most certainly deserves recognition as a great human being and a true pioneer of our sport. As Bing Copeland once said following Rick's death, "Rick was the most generous and caring person I've had the pleasure to be associated with."

John Whitney

July 6 2016 at 6:49pm

ED: Who will never forget Stoner and Griffin travel cartoons in SURFER mag. CLASSIC.


Surfboards by St ClairHello is this Stanley's? if so can you add this logo to your collection? Thanks so much. I can't find any info in that board company. I'm hoping somebody recognizes it. 

Mucho Aloha,

ED NOTE: Cool Artwork! Anyone recognise the brand?


Roger BremonHello,
I write you from Galicia, Spain. I’m writing about surf history in Galicia and one of the most interestings chaprters is about a sudafrican guy called Darryl. He gave his board to a spanhh boy (the one in the photo). Can you recognize the logo? It must be a sudafrican board logo.
Thank you, very much.


ED: Hello Jesus, It's a 70's surfboard, professionally decorated with airbrush or paint can painting. I cannot clearly see logo. Surfboards of this type / shape were only produced in Australia, Hawaii, South Africa, UK, and USA as Clark Foam distributed to those locations. The Australians used their own surfboard foam developed during this period as well, Buford Blanks being one distributor. I'm sorry I cannot identify it but if came from Africa it may be a South African Spider Surfboard. I regret not knowing actual maker, thank you for sharing.


Quanta Lines Rider Finn

Finn Kemo Reyes VTA County Wonder Kid
photo by Uncle Art Reyes

Click Pic for more :)


Dart SurfboardsRick Bernardi was kind enough to send photos of this unusual surfboard. 60's Dart. He's asking $300USD on PORTLAND CRAIGS LIST if its not gone already


ED: Anyone have information on this board? clik pic, check it out.


Wilderness Surfboards AUHi, Here is a Wilderness logo off a belly board.

Shane Madeley

ED NOTE: Ok here's a chicken or the egg question. Which Wilderness Surfboards came first? AUS or USA. Were they related?



Oct 6 at 9:36 AM

-- A word from Joe --

To everyone, It has been a pleasure doing the Surf Blurb for c.15 years..... it was to sell books at first, but surf history is a love of mine and I've come to love the surf community, eventually it just kept going even after getting out of the surf books business - I hope you will give Jeremy your support and send along fun and interesting surf related info as you did with me. I wish him well and hope to find a thing or to for Jeremy to use as well, if/when I have time and energy to do some of my own surfing research. Aloha, Joe t. Love to you all

. -- Letter from the editor -- To all surfers and ocean aficionados, Aloha kākou, Like all of you, I received an email from Joe Tabler early September, saying he might have put up the last issue of the Surf Blurb because of a medical condition. I was shocked. Joe and I had lunch in Pacific Beach, San Diego a few weeks before and he looked great. But a month later, he did not have the energy required to keep the Blurb up. After sending Joe my support, I offered to take over the Surf Blurb if necessary. Joe and his Surf Blurb, gathering news from all over the world is an invaluable source of information for me. I have received his newsletter for five years and I greatly benefit from everyone's findings in this vibrant surfing world and global community. I love the excitement I get every Monday from reading the Surf Burb, and I know I am not the only one feeling this.

This week, I have heard from Joe again. He accepted my offer to keep the Blurb going. Joe and his Blurb have been important to me since I am a surfer and a researcher in cultural anthropology and sociology of surfing. Scholar in Hawaiian history and focusing on the globalization of surfing for the past ten years, Joe forwarded me valuable information and findings from all of you. I gather almost everything I can for my work as a Ph.D. candidate in sociology in France and lecturer in cultural anthropology at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. I have interviewed major surfing promotors and I have met and taped an interview with Joe three years ago in this process. Some of you know me already for my years of field work in Hawai'i and California. If I am not familiar to you, please look up my profiles and CVs online. Teaching part time, writing my dissertation in French and publishing articles in English is taking up most of my agenda. But I am honored to take this new challenge and I am committed to continuing the Surf Blurb. Changes may occur, as I am starting from scratch. Please expect several weeks before I come up with a clean and steady framework. Finally, I would like to thank all of you for making this newsletter vibrant and exciting. Your support and donation to Joe have been essential in keeping the Blurb alive and I would greatly appreciate your financial support as well (donate button at then end of the email). I will add you at the end of each issue of the newsletter, like Joe did. Enjoy this small but new issue.

Mahalo a me ke aloha,

Jeremy Lemarie


ED NOTE: Hats off to Joe, will miss him blurbing, so generous sharing his time. I'd email him asking for particular surfer mag articles unsure of exact volume and date, wham he knew what, where and when. The man the internet legend, the pioneer of surfing social media our Mr Tabler. Best of luck Jeremy, Thanks.


Mac m SurfboardsHello and greatings from the U.K! ive recently started to surf this year and bought my 1st surfboard from a carboot in CORNWALL I cant find what make it is can you help. You dont have the logo either on your list? 

Sincerely  Gino

ED: Thanks for sending Sir !


aYO sURFBOARDSAYO Surfboards New for A section. These surfboards are currently hand shaped in Woodland Hills.  I have a 5'11" Shamoo with futerflex rails and  a hand tattooed outline of the logo.  Pretty much a Channel Islands type board.

Erez Magidesh, Gingi Kaktus Shapers



I have officially retired from editing this project and will no longer be updating it. The website version will remain up on the Surfing Heritage Foundation site for you and future generations.

My dedicated co-research & editor, Lorenzo Hoyt  will be starting up his own web. Please check with him to see if he needs any help                                                      

Keep the stoke - support your local shapers!

Parkinsonism has made it virtually impossible for me to work on a project as complicated as this one. I have made a number of mistakes on it recently that would have taken this project to the bottom of the deep briny blue. That is the last thing I want to happen to a project I spent twenty seven years assembling.

 Andy Anderson, owner, editor                                   


ED:  Andy... I sensed it. after you last email mentioning your condition I realized. we are brothers of different sorts. me a quadriplegic for 38 years now from a stupid pool dive neck breaker at 25 yrs. I got in 15+ solid years of surfing memories, my MA in fine art printmaking prepared me to stay involved with the lifestyle I love, hiring and training kids to help me print laminates, stickers and garments. in my heyday I supplied all ventura county. it's been more than a pleasure, an honor in fact to have worked with you. your work will live forever. my only regret is we never met in person. please view one more pic...

Michael Richard

Mike VTA 2014


Hanflin SurfboardsHANIFLIN SURFBOARDS / JACKS BELLY BOARDS Hi, I didn’t notice Hanifin Surfboards in the Logo lists. They were located in Newport Beach, CA on 23rd Street. In the late 70s to early 80s. Owned by Pat Hanifin..

Also, Lakewood Cycle and Surf in Long Beach, CA They sold only: Ole, Gordie, and Jack’s belly boards. I remember some of the Jack’s belly boards having one of these Lakewood Cycle and Surf decals on them.


ED; please see KNEEBOARDS - BELLYBOARDS for Lakewood Cycle and Surf images.


Hang 10 UkeHi!I recently bought a "Hang Ten" (Logo) ukulele off ebay that I am restoring that looks like its from the late 50s,early 60s by the way it is built (frets cut into the neck itself,neck shape,odd size larger tenor,old tuners...but can't seem to find any kind of history or even mention of such a thing. I'm wondering if it might have been a "new logo" promotion thing in 1962..one of a kind.."for sale" item?..are there more?

1. With the stripes on the top and stick on logo on the head,I'm assuming it was made for "Hang Ten" at some point in time,but it doesn't appear to be another brand I'm familiar with of that era(I collect,restore,and build ukuleles).I lived in Hawaii and casual surfed there from 1969-79 (now 64),so I'm familiar with/wore the Hang Ten clothing line of that era..so I plan on restoring the ukulele..refinishing the back and sides,cleaning and keeping the original front..so I can hang it on the wall in my home and occasionally take it to local ukulele meets for playing..just trying to find out ANY history of the thing..appears the net has no mention of a HT ukulele at all....???..other than this one off ebay. Anyway..picture attached...Any help with its history..or who to contact would be appreciated.

Your logo area of the website and history of Hang Ten was somewhat helpful for a timeline....

Thanks,Kerry camerbuff2@hotmail.com

ED: Anyone have HT ukulele info?


Dale VelzyGreat Site!

Here is a Velzy Logo on a Pacific Coast Surfboards Board that unless I missed it, is not listed in the Logo Library because it lists the First & last name of Dale Enjoy! Best Regards,

Nick (Arizona)


ED: Thanks Nick for sending. Nothing I can say that hasn't been said about Velzy's incredible life and impact on surfing.


Grampy Ted BellyboardsHey there, I’ve just started out making ply-wood bellyboards in the UK and would be delighted if you’d include my logo in your library. Please check out the web-site www.grampytedssurfshed.co.uk, although it’s usually “under construction” insomuch that I’m always adding new stuff and photos every time I finish a new board.

I hand make every board in my shed, in my back garden and any that I sell, I only take out as much as it costs to make and post, every penny of the rest goes to the Royal Air Force Benevolent fund. I just want it to be a hobby that effectively pays for itself.

Kind regards Grampy Ted

ED: Everything about Grampy Ted's efforts stoke me, hand made, varnished classic bellyboards providing fun for all, contributing to a great cause. The homegrown website is refreshing :)


Thanks for posting the information on the passing of Butch Towers. After reading his obituary online, it prompted me to write a short poem for all the friends we have lost throughout the years. I have attached a copy of "A Surfer's Farewell." Please feel free to use it on your site.

Allen Rizzi


A Surfer’s Farewell

© 2015 Allen E. Rizzi

I read the lines just today,

Another friend has gone away.

Years ago we were so young

And dreaming of songs unsung.


We remember times long ago

When we never thought or said no

To any wave, large or small.

Now they’re gone, almost all.

Years after so much surf and sun,

We find most all our dreams undone.

The sea we loved has washed away

All but a glimmer of the day.

That glimmer remains for us each

Like fading footsteps on the beach

They lead us back to the ocean’s mist,

Leaving us once more gently kissed.

The blue Pacific’s shores will wait

For all of us, small or great.

For in the shadows upon the beach

Sadly the sand runs out for each.

ED: Thanks Allen

Towers SurfboardsSad news early 2015 as we lost a local icon early Jan, after a long battle with cancer, Shaper Charles “Butch” Towers died Jan. 3rd at a hospital in Nevada. He was 64. Butch Towers owned Anacapa Surf N Sport with his wife of 40 years, MaryAnn, and his surfboards became synonymous with the local beach. You couldn’t surf on Hueneme Beach if you weren’t on a Towers Surfboard, he was the Man, friendly to all and mentored many. He was so well thought of 150 people showed up for an impromptu paddle-out at Hueneme Beach Pier the day after he died. RIP Butch.
A huge thanks to Lorenzo Hoyt for helping edit the logo library, correcting info and contributing surfboard logos to the Surfing Heritage Foundation as well as this website.


This is Allen Rizzi of the Rising Sons Surf Club from the 1960s. I was glad to see the article about Stanley's Steak House. It brought back a lot of memories. Frankly, I thought time had forgotten the place.

Back in my day, we simply referred to it as Stanley's and we carved many a good wave there. It was one of those secondary spots where we seemed to have always found good waves and very few in the water. We almost always stopped there when there were too many boards in the water elsewhere. I always found the spot to be relaxing both in and out of the water. We spent more than a bit of time in the parking lot there but we were never hassled by Stanley's or the oil company. It was a great place with a great history.

One summer day in 1965, I was surfing a nice swell there with friends. I was on a beautiful six foot foot wave when the guy behind me went off the back of his board and accidentally kicked his ten foot log into my left kidney. I still have a lot of pain there but I smile every time I pee and think back to that afternoon almost 50 years ago.

Like so much of the landscape around Ventura and Santa Barbara, the decades have changed almost everything. I remember when they tore down the old Stanley's, we all went up to Rincon and held a little wake of sorts; beers and tears were abundant all around. That part of the coast always seemed empty after that.

I have written a short book about surfing in the 1960s: Fifty Years Ago- A Surfing Trilogy. You can find it here for a glimpse into the past: Amazon.com: Fifty Years Ago - A Surfing Trilogy eBook: Allen E. Rizzi: Books Amazon.com:

Thanks again for the great article. Tight curls!

Allen E. Rizzi Etowah, NC / Tret, Italy

ED NOTE: Please see... Valley Cowboys


Stavros SurfboardsNoticed this logo wasn't on your site for Stavros Surfboards. He's been using these mostly lately.

Shane Milos

ED: Thanks for the updated image !


dave Boice SurfboardsHi, This is the logo from a Dave Boice board I bought. I believe it is from 1971.

Regards, Bill Johnson

ED: Thanks for sending this classic logo !


Drew's Surf StickGood Afternoon Mike, I wanted to see if I could get Drew's Surf Stick added to your website. I also shape surfboards for Drew's Surf Stick and the attached logos are what we typically use.


www.drewssurfstick.com Facebook:


Thank you,
Sean Piper
Ghetto SurfProductsOfToday
"Why worry about tomorrow, when you can shred today?"

ED NOTE: You send them, i put them up on the site :) THANKS Sean


Surfcrazy; I made my own boards for awhile in the mid to late 60's. I bought resin, cloth, catalyst as well as an occasional Clark blank from a surf shop on Oxnard St. in Tarzana, located just east of Reseda Blvd....does anyone remember the name of the shop and the older gentleman who owned it? Really a friendly guy that always enjoyed talking surfing.

Chris Taylor


ED: Loyde Ghist? Check Archives.

that's it! thanks! takes me back to a great time of my youth...really good site and have enjoyed reminiscing my surfing days... Trestles and Cotton's Point... my encounters with Secret Service and Marines, fun days at Rincon, Huntington Cliffs and pier, Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, surfing Encinitas, Solana Beach, Wind'nSea, etc...all good memories!


Mike; thanks for the memories...Lloyd was one nice guy and very helpful. It was hard to go in there because we would chat so long and I would regale him with my recent surf stories...he always enjoyed hearing them and got a kick out of my adventures dodging the Secret Service. I did get caught and was constantly getting escorted out and told not to come back....yeh, right! (damn Nixon! and his western White House)

Chris Taylor

ED: Good Times :)


Ghetto Surfboards Sean PiperGood Morning, I was wondering if you could include my logo on your website. Attached is a .jpg file; however, I have .eps files that I could send if necessary. Thank you.

Sean Piper
Ghetto SurfProductsOfToday
"Why worry about tomorrow, when you can shred today?"

ED: Will do!


Bernie Miller 1966Something rarer than those hens teeth. The belly board I have under my arm, I bought in the fall of 1964, from a shop in the San Fernando valley called Val Surf. (I assume that "Val" was short for "Valley"). I do not recall the location of their shop. I rode it, until I had the Gunther Glass board made and sold it to a friend.

Bernie Miller

ED NOTE: Check out this page: Valley Cowboys


Gunther GlassThe attached photos are of a bellyboard that Gunter Glass (Dan Tarampi) made for me, sometime in late fall of 1966. He shaped it to dimensions that I gave him. I rode it last, in the early 1980's, on Maui. If you know where Dan is, forward the pictures. He'll remember it.

Bernie Miller




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