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SurfingHeritageFoundation.orgAndy Anderson associated with the Surfing Heritage Foundation has undertaken the hurculean task of documenting all surfboard companies and shapers, "The Stoked n Board Project". Surfcrazy / Stanleys is devoted to the art of the surfboard logo. Andys research is extensive listing owners, shapers, glassers, sanders, years of opperation number of boards produced, models etc. Surfcrazy / Stanleys has joined forces with Andy sharing images and info. All images submitted and uploaded to the library will be forwarded to Andy for inclusion into his vast undertaking. Help fill in the gaps of knowledge regarding any surboard label. Looking for owner / shapers names, dates, locations, eyewitness - personal accounts etc. Send logos in .jpg, .gif, .png formats for best results. email: mike at surfcrazy


Stavros SurfboardsNoticed this logo wasn't on your site for Stavros Surfboards. He's been using these mostly lately.

Shane Milos

ED: Thanks for the updated image !


dave Boice SurfboardsHi, This is the logo from a Dave Boice board I bought. I believe it is from 1971.

Regards, Bill Johnson

ED: Thanks for sending this classic logo !


Drew's Surf StickGood Afternoon Mike, I wanted to see if I could get Drew's Surf Stick added to your website. I also shape surfboards for Drew's Surf Stick and the attached logos are what we typically use.


www.drewssurfstick.com Facebook:


Thank you,
Sean Piper
Ghetto SurfProductsOfToday
"Why worry about tomorrow, when you can shred today?"

ED NOTE: You send them, i put them up on the site :) THANKS Sean


Surfcrazy; I made my own boards for awhile in the mid to late 60's. I bought resin, cloth, catalyst as well as an occasional Clark blank from a surf shop on Oxnard St. in Tarzana, located just east of Reseda Blvd....does anyone remember the name of the shop and the older gentleman who owned it? Really a friendly guy that always enjoyed talking surfing.

Chris Taylor


ED: Loyde Ghist? Check Archives.

that's it! thanks! takes me back to a great time of my youth...really good site and have enjoyed reminiscing my surfing days... Trestles and Cotton's Point... my encounters with Secret Service and Marines, fun days at Rincon, Huntington Cliffs and pier, Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, surfing Encinitas, Solana Beach, Wind'nSea, etc...all good memories!


Mike; thanks for the memories...Lloyd was one nice guy and very helpful. It was hard to go in there because we would chat so long and I would regale him with my recent surf stories...he always enjoyed hearing them and got a kick out of my adventures dodging the Secret Service. I did get caught and was constantly getting escorted out and told not to come back....yeh, right! (damn Nixon! and his western White House)

Chris Taylor

ED: Good Times :)


Ghetto Surfboards Sean PiperGood Morning, I was wondering if you could include my logo on your website. Attached is a .jpg file; however, I have .eps files that I could send if necessary. Thank you.

Sean Piper
Ghetto SurfProductsOfToday
"Why worry about tomorrow, when you can shred today?"

ED: Will do!


Bernie Miller 1966Something rarer than those hens teeth. The belly board I have under my arm, I bought in the fall of 1964, from a shop in the San Fernando valley called Val Surf. (I assume that "Val" was short for "Valley"). I do not recall the location of their shop. I rode it, until I had the Gunther Glass board made and sold it to a friend.

Bernie Miller

ED NOTE: Check out this page: Valley Cowboys


Gunther GlassThe attached photos are of a bellyboard that Gunter Glass (Dan Tarampi) made for me, sometime in late fall of 1966. He shaped it to dimensions that I gave him. I rode it last, in the early 1980's, on Maui. If you know where Dan is, forward the pictures. He'll remember it.

Bernie Miller




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