Ventura County Surfboard Shapers

UPDATED 02/20/2015

Shaper list is in alphabetical order including phone numbers and websites if available. The list includes shapers who resided or had a business in Ventura County.  Please email new changes or additions thank you. surfcrazy mike
Alimony Surfboards, Short boards Mike Bleiweiss shaper

BONZER - Campbell Brothers Surfboards, Short boards, long boards, sailboards, kneeboards, body boards, tow in boards, Inventors of the bonzer, first surfboard builders to put 3 fins on a surfboard in 1970, Malcolm Campbell 805.486.2275
Carrico Surfboards, James Christie shaper Newbury Park

Breezin Surfboards
Breezin Surfboards, Longboards, Shortboards, Allen Main (805) 000-0000
Brian Glucek Surfboards, Shortboards, (805) 000-0000
Butch Towers Surfboards
Butch Towers Surfboards, Shortboards, longboards, Butch Towers (805) 000-0000
Channel Islands Surfboards, Shortboards, longboards Al Merrick (805) 000-0000
Cooperfish Surfboards, Traditional long boards, 10 oz volan cloth, beautiful acid splash glass jobs, the whole works Gene Cooper (805) 216-8232
Cyclone - Jeff Bushman Surfboards "A good surfer could ride an ironing board" Short boards, long boards, Jeff Bushman (805) 000-0000
Dennis Ryder Surfboards
DR Surfboards Short boards, long boards, Legendary MP shaper Dennis Ryder (831) 227-5512 dennisryder.com
GOODTIME Surfboards Short boards, long boards, Russ Fass (805) 000-0000
Gold Coast Surfboards, Short boards, Mike Ellis (805) 653-6174
Huerta Surfboards, Short boards, long boards, Steve Huerta (805) 000-0000

institute for time compression studies, Experimental body boards, applied aircraft bottom configurations, really interesting stuff, Ray Maloney (805) 658-7421
Johnny Rice Surfboards, Short boards, long boards, Johnny Rice (831) 423-0175
JHR Surfboards
JHR SURFBOARDS Shortboards, fishes, tow-in boards, funshapes, longboards. John H Roddenberry (805) 895-1137
Klaus Jones Surfboards, Short boards, long boards, Klaus Jones (805) 985-9432
ML Surfboards, Shortboards, longboards, kneeboards, bodyboards, Mark Leon (805) 000-0000
Mattz Surfboards, Shortboards, Matt (805) 302-1877
McCrystal Surfboards, Short boards, long boards,  Casey McCrystal (805) 483-4229
McLoud Surfboards Short boards, long boards,  Jim McLoud
(805) 000-0000
Mobley Surfboards Tom Mobley (805.653.5260)
Merv Larson Aquatic Designs, Wave skis, Father of the American Waveski, Merv Larson (805) 653-0551
MOREY POPE, W.A.V.E. Surfboards, Longboards, Shortboards, Tom Morey, Karl Pope (805) 000-0000
Native Surfboards Ventura
NATIVE Surfboards, Shortboards, longboards, Bob Comstock(805) 000-000
Nelson Surfboards, Miniature surfboards, approx. 10"-24" long authentic, to scale, stringers, tail blocks, logos, collectors items, Bob Nelson (805) 659-2349 
Tim Ogburn Surfboards
Ogburn Surfboards, Shortboards, (805) 000-0000
Our Blue Planet Surfboards, Shortboards, (805) 000-0000
Overhead Surfboards, Shortboards, (805) 000-0000
Pierpont Surfboards, Shortboards, longboards, Mike Mooney (805) 643-4888
Point Blanks / Patagonia, Long Boards, Shortboards (805) 000-0000
Pope Bisect
POPE BISECT, Longboards, Karl Pope (805)000-0000
PUU - Morning Star Surfboards, Shortboards, longboards, David Puu (805) 000-0000
Todd Proctor Surfboards
Proctor Surfboards, Shortboards, longboards, Todd Proctor (805) 658-7659

RICH REED / Spindrift Shortboards, longboards, (805) 000-0000
RSC - Revelation Surf Co. Shortboards, funboards Randy Weir (805)320-1124
Roberts Surfboards, Shortboards, longboards, Robert Weiner
(805) 653-2367

Samaniego Surfboards, Shortboards, longboards, kneeboards, bodyboards, Chris Samaniego (805) 981-1795
Soul Surfboards, Shortboards, longboards, Kevin McClelland (805) 382-1915
Spence Surfboards, Shortboards, longboards, Spencer Kellog (805) 641-0538

Spirit Surfboards, Shortboards, longboards, Jim (805) 000-0000
Stan Fuji Surfboards, Shortboards, longboards, (805) 985-7122
Sueno Surfboards, Shortboards, longboards, Sammy Cammack (805) 985-7122 (805) 483-4229 
Tom Hale / Ventura Surfboards, Longboards (805)000-0000
Total Commitment Surfboards, Shortboards, longboards Dan Rolag (805)000-0000 
True North Surfboards, Shortboards, longboards, Troy Peters (805) 483-8602
UpCountry Surfboards Short boards, long boards, Jim Allen (805)000-0000
Vector Vehicles Shortboards, Dave Wallace
(805) 207-5131
Pacific Plastics, Tiki, Shark, Ten Toes Longboards (000) 000-0000
Ventura Glassing, Longboards, Shortboards, Jim Renshaw (000) 000-0000
Ventura Surf Shop, Billyboards and many other local shapers, Short boards, long boards, (805) 643-1062
Steve Walden Surfboards,  Shortboards, innovator of the modern longboard, Steve Walden (805) 648-7922
Waveline Surfboards, Shortboards, longboards, various shapers, (805) 000-0000 wavelinesurf.com
Wavefront Surfboards, Shortboards, longboards, various shapers, 805-652-22O1
William Dennis Surfboards, Shortboards, longboards, Billy, Dennis Ryder (805)-643-1062

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