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Highese Price ever for a Foam Surfboard?

2007 Hawaiian Vintage Auction event:
Surfboards Hawaii-Buzzy Trent Model shaped by Dick Brewer 11'0" (10) 1963 expected sales price: $12,500-$17,500 SOLD $33,000

Greg Noll - Mickey Dora “Da Cat” Model 10'3” (10) 1967 expected sales price: $5,000-$8,000 SOLD $16,000

More here: Auction Results


Old Surf Magazine wish

Surfer Magazine came out in 1960. In 1960 I was eight years old. Yeah I know I'm old. I became aware and interested in surf mags when my sister started surfing around 1962. I got to look at a few here and there as she left them lying around. I went to the beach with her and her friends when it was her turn to drive. I quickly got stoked. By 64' I was on it borrowing her board etc etc. All those mags from early 60's I missed. The golden years. It was cool when Surfer re issued #1 for their anniversary, at least I got to see that one. It would be cool to read the rest of them. The collector craze unfortunately prevents this, who can afford the oldies anymore. I've bought a couple cheap ones here and there over the years just to read. After I was finished reading them I sold em so someone else could read em. I wish I could have seen and read all the old Murphy cartoons not to mention all the old ads, inteviews, travel issues etc. I bet I'm not alone.

Wouldn't it be great.if Surfer re issued the old magazines? Heck I'd settle for zerox copies! There can't be that many since they were quarterly then bi monthly before going monthy, that's the publishing order I think, maybe a collector can confirm this as I'm not sure. I think Surfer is sitting on a goldmine! What do you think?



Return of the Pop Out

Surfboard Industry insiders were warned for years about the upcoming Pop Out invasion. In his yearly news letter diatribes Gordon Clark of Clark Foam, I was the grinch who stole christmas 2005, black monday no more blanks, mentioned it constantly. The message was the Pop Outs could kill the custom surfboard industry. It was heard so often year after year it seemed like a Clark Foam marketing slogan. Bic and Nat Young got the ball rolling. The introduction of Surf Tech's and Boardworks boards, built from molds designed by shaping legends, had to at least in part influence Clark's shut down decision. Why compete with old polluting technology against new polluting technology done overseas under the radar from governmental regulating agencies.

The New Breed of Pop Out

What seperates the new high end Pop Outs from the old 60's versions is shapers are no longer ashamed to admit they shaped the mold. Going a huge step further they're putting their names and logos on the clones, bye bye mystique! Getting that commish check monthly would be a nice addition to the retirement plans of some of the old greats. Nothing good or bad about it. If you like how they ride and look, what's not to like? They hold up to ding abuse better. Sure they're pricy, maybe a little corky but to get a hand carved custom will set you back easily 25% more in purchase price and have a shorter lifespan. As production cost decreases and sales slow it will be a bummer to see these great labels treated like charmin toilet paper bundled for sale 5 for $499. at Sams Club, but what a way to get a world class quiver on the cheap!

The Middle Class Pop Out

It is becoming clear that there is a status structure in the New Millenia Pop Out phenom. The upper class Pop Out is identified with the logo of shapers of some renown. The middle class pop out more reflects the 60' pop out. Logo'd with names created for the purpose of selling the board not reflecting who the builder or shaper is/was. These boards appear expertly shaped, decorated and finished, are priced considerably cheaper than The "Name Brands". What the heck, throw the dice!

The Lower Class Pop Out

This animal has no markings as to identity. They are logo-less and cheaper still. Longboards under $400.? Makes you wonder where the air pockets in the foam are! Is that a fin hum or my waterproof I pod! Will it delam today or peal like a banana on tuesday. The great unknown. Could be made by the same guys that built the middle classer, same specs, shaper, decoration and finish, a Research and Development Special who knows.

Other side of the Tracks Pop Out

These are the pigs with lipstick on you want no part of. Oops sand through, paint it. Foam cave in, bondo & paint it. Glass job bubbled with mini volcanos puffing epoxy clouds, grind & paint. Fin box loose, pack with cardboard bondo, paint. Why is my board always turning left?These backyard board emporiums are best left to the extreme risk taker with an overloaded pocketbook.



60's Pop Outs, Dextra, Healthways, Duke Kahanamoku Malibu Custom, Shark, Sting Ray, Ten Toes, Tiki, Ventura Plastics

The 60's introduced Pop Outs or mass produced surfboards at reduced prices roughly 1/2 that of a Custom Shaped surfboard. A new Noll, Hobie, Jacbos etc could be purchased in the mid 60's for around $100-$120. color, extra stringers, pinlines and signature models (Morey Pope John Peck Penetrator, Greg Noll Mickey Dora Da Cat, Bing Brewer Pipeliner, Bing David Nuuhiwa Noserider, Yater Spoon etc) added to cost.

A Pop Out available at sporting goods stores, Whitefront and Zody's Department stores could be bought for $60-70. Since the origin and construction technique of the Pop Out was not widely known they were suspect. The finish, colors and woodwork ie nose and tail blocks although done well enough just didn't look quite right. The worst feature was a lot of Pop Outs had inlaid stringers. The wood responsible for giving the foam strength is solid wood from deck to bottom, approximately 3.5 inches thick at the center point. Almost all customs were made this way. Pop Outs inlaid the wood in a routered slot 1/2 inch into the deck and 1/2 inch into the bottom of the board 1 inch of wood sandwiched 2.5 inches of foam at the center. This construction technique compromised strength which became aparrent when the nose or tail encountered violent impact with rocks, piers etc. The addition of wood nose and tail blocks seemed to be an attempt to lessen the damage when the above mentioned collisions occured. The resulting damage woulld be seperated nose, tail or a complete break in half.

The worst problem Pop Outs had was they were just not Cool.

Obviously this sentiment started at the custom surf shop. Seeing the introduction of these bargain priced boards threatened the established surfboard makers livelyhood. These opinions were quickly adopted buy the Cool surfing public. Anti Pop Out cartoons appeared and copy written by some surfboard makers appeared in magazines and flyers. No top rider of the day rode Pop Outs. How different things might have been had David Nuuhiwa or Corky Carroll signed a deal with Dextra or one of the others!

There's no argument the custom builders created a better riding surfboard. The templates, rail and rockers were all expertly carved to achieve maximum performance. The strength from first class construction, decorating and finishing was second to none.



Surfboard Selling Photo Tips

Get more bids, better prices and less email questions by following these simple tips:

Before photos CLEAN WAX OFF TOP OF BOARD! It takes just minutes. Use latex gloves. Put board on newspaper to catch messy wax. Let board sit in sun untill wax melts, wipe off with newspaper or rag. No Sun? use a puttyknife, flat piece of wood etc. Paint thinners work well, abide by instructions in use. Cleaning the wax adds 20% value easy.

Logo Photos. Always include a close up of the Logo or Label. Surfboards even in poor condition might be more valuable to buyers and get more bids if the Logo/Label is clearly photographed. Try to center photo and don't chop it off.

Nose, Tail and Fin(s) Photos. Be sure to submit the best photos possible of top and bottom of the nose and tail. These are the areas of most wear or damage that are of utmost importance to a buyer. Fin(s) condition photos are a must.

Full template Top and Bottom Photos. Take photo of full top and bottom of board with natural sunlight at your back. Place board on a solid color, concrete, tarp or the wall of your house. Avoid under tree shadows, foliage shadows, half shadows from buildings cars etc.

Rocker Photo. Most experienced surfers want to see how much spoon or curve there is in the nose and tail. A side photo of the boards rail on trash cans, saw horses etc. will take care of this.

Ding Photos. Nobody likes them but better to photograph so buyers can better establish value. The photos above should include dings.

Many skillfull eBay sellers combine photos with graphic art programs like photoshop to cut down on the number of photos needed to display the board properly.

So many poorly photographed boards do not reach their full selling potential I thought this guide might be helpfull to the first time surfboard seller. Clean the wax off, take good photos. You'll make the most $ off Cousin Elmers board that's been taking up room in your garage forever!


eBay Waterslide decal sales price tracking 10-15-06 thru 2-11-07

7-21-07 Beware of bootlegging on massive scale by certain ebay sellers currently on ebay.

Waterslide surf decals could be had a few years ago for $25.-$50. Bootlegs and reissues can still be had for $10-$15. Recent 60's waterslide examples sold which include postage when available:

1966 Birdie Birdwell waterslide decal no size stated 10-15-06 SOLD eBay $32.25

1965 Surfboards Hawaii waterslide decal 6 x 5.5 inches 10/15/06 SOLD eBay $184.39

60's BING surfboard waterslide decal 4 x 9 inches 10/15/06 SOLD eBay $187.50

1963 BING surfboards waterslide decal 3 x 5 inches 10/14/06 SOLD eBay $131.51

60's Vagabond custom surfboards waterslide decal 3.5 X 5.5 inches 10-22-06 SOLD eBay $116.50

60's Jacobs Surfboards waterslide decal Large 11 x 4.25 inches 10-12-06 SOLD eBay $332.00

1962 United States Surfing Association waterslide decal 4 x 4 inches 10-29-06 SOLD eBay $131.51

1962 Surfboards by Barry Bennett, AUS waterslide decal Size 4 x 4.5 inches 11-05-06 SOLD eBay $284.00 + tax & shipping

1965 Surfboards Hawaii waterslide decal Size 5.25 x 3.25 inches 11-14-06 SOLD eBay $62.99 A STEAL!

60's Greg Noll Surfboards and Film Productions (Rare Griffin Artwork) waterslide decal Size none 11-19-06 RESERVE NOT MET $355.50

60's Matador Surfboards (New Jersey) waterslide decal 3.0 x 3.0 inches SOLD eBay 11-25-06 $51.00

1965 Harbour Surfboards waterslide decal Size 3.5 x 6.5 inches SOLD eBay 11-25-06 $98.00

1965 Gordon & Smith Surfboards waterslide decal Size 11.75 x 2.35 SOLD eBay 12-02-06 $135.25

1962 Dave Sweet waterslide decal Size 6 x 2.5 inches SOLD eBay 12-07-06 $53.00 A STEAL!

60's Val Surf waterslide decal Size none stated SOLD eBay 12-10-06 $229.72 Record price for a "Valley" decal, Valley boy revenge!

60's Pray for surf cartoon stained glass waterslide decal Size none stated SOLD eBay 12-10-06 $46.00

60's The Spoiler Lightweight by Oceanside,Cocoa Fla.waterslide decal Size 9.5 X 3.5 SOLD eBay 12-11-06 $25.00 OTHER BIDDERS ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL!

60s Wind an Sea Surfboards waterslide decal Size none stated SOLD eBay 12-15-06 $52.50

60s Blue Cheer Surfboard sticker Size none stated SOLD ebay 12-15-06 $27.49

60's Ole REPRODUCTION waterslide decal 4 x 7 inches NOT SOLD eBay 12-17-06 $5.00 opening bid

60s Tucker Surfboards waterslide decal Size not stated SOLD eBay 12-17-06 $45.35

60s Challenger Surfboards waterslide decal Size not stated SOLD,BUY IT NOW 12-17-06 $52.49 GOOD BUY!

63' Norm Casey Surfboards (AUS) waterslide decal 2 x 5 inches SOLD 12-17-06 $52.76 (no shipping stated)A STEAL

60's Foss Foam waterslide decal 6 x 4.25 inches SOLD eBay 12 -18-06 $87.53 GOOD DEAL

60's Native Surfboard stickers 1.5 x 3.25 inches NOT SOLD eBay 12-18-06 $9.99 opening bid WHO WANTS WIERD OBSCURE SURF STICKERS FROM BAKERSFIELD ANYWAY?

60's Rick Surfboards waterslide decal 1.75 x 3.50 inches SOLD eBay 12-18-06 $69.32 PRICING THE SMALL ONES IS TRICKY, THEY ALWAYS LOOK SO BIG ON THE COMPUTER. Yup I've bought the tiny one's with unstated size only to shrivel up when i got the small envelope in the mail.

70's-80's 13ea San Onofre Surf Club waterslide decal collection Size not stated SOLD eBay 12-19-06 $198.05

60's Hobie waterslide decal Size 3 x 6.25 inches SOLD eBay 12-20-06 $90.00

60's Carbonel Surfboards waterslide decal Size 5 x 3.5 inches sold eBay 12-26-06 $72.76

70's Lightning Bolt Surfboards waterslide decal Size 4.5 x 9.75 inches sold eBay 12/27/06 $84.43

60's REPO Griffin Murphy waterslide decal
Size 6 x 5 inches sold eBay 1-12-07 $39.51

60's REPO Jacks Surf Shop waterslide decal no size stated sold eBay 1-14-07 $10.00

60's REPO Greg Noll Surfboards Film Productions waterslide decal Size 5.5 x 3.75 sold eBay 1-14-07 $10.00

60's Surfer Boy Sea Cross Burbank Size waterslide decal 3 x 3 inches sold eBay 1-15-07 $38.87

60's Sea Cross Help Stamp Out Hodads 3.25 x 3.5 inches sold eBay 1-25-07 $17.99

60's Bing Bird waterslide decal no size stated sold eBay 1-27-07 $190.49 no shipping stated

60's Slipcheck waterslide decal 2.5 x 4 inches sold eBay 1-27-07 $70.87 no shipping stated

60's Gordon Woods Sydney Surf surfing waterslide decal 10 x 4 inches sold eBay 1-28-07 $52.01 long-board-grotto

60's Flaherty surfboards surfing waterslide decal 2 x 2 inches sold eBay 1-28-07 $37.63 long-board-grotto

60's Ten Toes Surfboard surfing sticker 4 x 4 inches sold eBay 1-28-07 $40.31 long-board-grotto

60's Tucker surfboards surfing waterslide decal 3.5 x 3 inches sold eBay 1-28-07 $70.06 long-board-grotto

60's Wind an Sea Surfboards waterslide decal no size stated sold eBay 1-28-07 $48.50

60's Hansen Surfboards waterslide decal 10.5 x 4.75 inches sold eBay 1-28-07 $131.61 long-board-grotto

60's David Nuuhiwa Surfboards waterslide decal no size stated sold eBay 2-07-07 $51.55 no ship cost stated

70's Lightning Bolt Surfboards waterslide decal no size stated sold eBay 2-10-07 $71.00 no ship cost stated

60's Surfboards Australia waterslide decal 8 x 7 inches sold eBay 2-10-07 $95.99

60's Bing Surfboards waterslide decal no size stated sold eBay 2-10-07 $112.50 no ship cost stated

70's California Company Surfboards waterslide decal no size stated sold eBay 2-10-07 $46.00 no ship cost stated

60's Gordie Surfboards waterslide decal 5 x 4 inches sold eBay 2-10-07 $51.00 no ship cost stated

60's The Surf Shop Dee Why waterslide decal 4.5 x 3.75 inches sold eBay 2-11-07 $33.00 long-board-grotto STOLE IT!

60's Rick Surfboards waterslide decal 6.5 x 3 inches large size sold eBay 2-11-07 $98.99 no ship cost stated long-board-grotto


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