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Sanoe Lake. Surfer Girl: A Guide to the Surfing Life. New. 144 pages. 2005. Oversized paperback. By the surfer who starred in Blue Crush.


Incredible, beautiful book! Sanoe proves that she's not just a great surfer and actress, she knows how to put a book together. I have been surfing for 3 years and I wish Sanoe had put this out when I started. I heard about the book on a KROQ radio ad in L.A. I went to the store to check it out. I found 4 other girl's surfing guides! If Girls are going to buy one of these books, here is why Sanoe's is much better:

1. It's extremely well written, funny, and it's entertaining -- there's a continuous flow of interesting material, along with comics, photos, charts, and sweet graphics. Friends who don't surf checked it out and get the vibe of why the sport is so great. Bottom line: Sanoe's book is better written than others I've read.

2. Sanoe's "How To" part -about a third of the book is easy to follow, she takes the reader through it step by step, with tons of tight illustrations. Sanoe's book is in color, the other books are black and white or have just one color.

3. Best I can tell, Sanoe is the only pro surfer of all the authors. She knows what she is talking about when it comes to surfing.

4. Sanoe has also been a model, so her fashion sections are great - she gives hints on all kinds of surfwear and beauty hints.

5. The book is well-organized - going through the history of surfing, the fashion, the dangers and how to proceed safely, sun and skin safety, all really interesting and helpful - I seriously could have avoided a few painful moments had I read
through this before I learned.

6. Sanoe goes into the empowering aspects for girls and women - this is great material... i was thinking some of this when I was learning. You really do build your courage, discpline and confidence when you learn to surf. You basically have to as you get better.

7. Overall, Sanoe's tone is light and fun, and she has a huge glossary of all the surf terms... in case you want to get into the lingo of the sport. Seriously, a color book at this absolutely will be thrilled.

The book is so full of interesting things about the ocean and it's so motivating ingeneral. When are her new movies coming out?

Cheers and aloha.

Ocean Lover

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