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Revolution Beta Wave

Revolution Beta Wave 2014


Bonzer Front SL

Surfcrazy / Revolution / Bonzer Front SL 2014


Mick Backdoor SL

Mick backdoor, Wave Leogarto, Board SSI RJ Custom


Revy rips. HP Wave and Equipment by Leogarto



Soul Wave... the movie 2011


Wisper Stella goes SURFCRAZY


Mick Topanga Contest Season 1 2009 SSI Equipment photo by Yendor


Revy HP Point home of "JAWS"

Pre Mouri Contest SSI Mod Surfboard


Mouri Contest Season 2 09 SSI Mod Surfboard Photo by Bobbi Laval

Shortboard Sol contest... i missed my heat : ( A virtual reality playground created by Linden Labs is a difficult experience to explain. Users create 3 dimensional 'Avitars' representing human or other charachters which are used to interact with other SL citizens, play, work, build, and explore. Sign up is free, computer specs are available on the SL website. All else needed is to download the 'viewer' user interface.

Like a multifaceted diamond there are many sides to SL, some duller than others some downright dark. They exist side by side 'inworld'. As in real life or RL the sun seems always brighter at the coast on the beach sparkling off waves being ridden by surfers. The surfing venues are stunning ranging from reefs, points, piers and beachbreaks. One of my personal favorite simulations or 'sim' was 'Surf City' a virtual re-creation of Huntington Beach,, complete with pier, surf shops, etc. gone but not forgotten. Island sims are breath taking, Chi, Majini, Quan Li, Surf Camp, Surfline (RIP), Tavarua, Braata Beach just to name a few.

Second Life or SL is a world wide community affording any virtual citizen, landlocked or coastal dweller, the virtual experience of being a surfer and riding waves. No sunburn, reef cuts across your back or tore up feet, no crying out for your mom as a big set feathers on the outer reef, no surfboard opening a gash in your head. All the fun without the pain and steep learning curve of rl surfing.

Being a pc game player helps in surfing the waves I'm sure. What differs is the communtity of surfers that exist in SL. All continents and languages are represented. All points of view from the Weekend Warrior to Soul Surfers. Pro Surfing exists in SL with regular bi yearly compitition seasons. Heats, judges, spectators, Virtual 'Linden L$' prize money. If I'm not mistaken Surfing is the first and currently only organized sport in second life thanks to the hard working SLSA founders, Volunteers, Directors and Pro Surfers.

I firmly believe that SL is a model of the internets future. Linden Lab employees show up 'inworld' to work, go to their virtual offices to work or roam around inworld working. Whole cities can be contructed, regions, countries. Theories of all sorts created and tested. Do not be suprised when your grandchild dons their virtual business suit for their first interview with the big techno corp 'inworld'. Only difference will be, the fat cat behind the desk will be puffing a virtual cigar emiting no odor.

SL being 10+ years old, pages and pages of web content have been devoted to this 'virtual world created by its members'.

See you Inworld
Mick Lunasea

Mick at Braata 2010 RJ GUN photo by Mons Mapp

SL State of surfing update 09/09/09

Its been awhile since i updated here, geesh time flys. SL's Surfcrazy Surf Shop recently celebrated 4 years in business three of which on bratta / tortola / jj lanes beach. Many pioneers of the SL surf scene have faded away or returned as alts (alternate or a second new renamed avitar). It's cool with me as the line up is stoked as ever.

LSD has hit the surf scene kinda like the 60's - 70's transition era. This time though its a virtual wave and surfboard orgy created by Luscious Starship Designs. New sculpted / scripted waves are pounding the shores across the grid adding more variety for riders to choose from. The LSD surfboards are a kick as well with numerous new keyboard scripted animations and unique riding experience.

With the introduction of "Mesh" 3d modeling / drawing into Second Life LSD has produced the first wave and boards. In beta stage still i got a peek and they are cool!

Tsunami sim held the first SLSA contest using a LSD sculpted season 1 2011, it was a fun departure from Action, HP and SSI waves. The earlier waves created by Actiot, HP and SSI remain very popular as each require special learned skills to ride and remain challenging.

The surfing population continues to grow with new riders blowing minds daily free surfing and at surf contests. As I always tell new riders "Surfing is the best fun you can have in SL with your clothes on". The surfing family continues to grow in SL where the summer is truly endless and the Aloha is not virtual but real :)

Oh yeh almost forgot. This old dog won his first surf contest ever. I pulled it off in the Tsunami Open riding a LSD wave on a SSI Mickfish. WHOOHOO!

SL State of surfing update 7/09

The progression of SL surfing has not missed a beat with the introduction of more realistic waves and surfboards. With inworld companies HP and ACTION leading the charge with new A frame peaks, spray blowing off top like an off shore day at Sunset Beach. Incredible realism. The inside Tube views are like looking at a Greenough movie except you control the rider. Original surfboard designers Heather Goodlife and Sebastian Saramago SSI are said to be in development of new waves also.

New surf organizations are poping up like sunflowers to accomidate the different surfing perspectives. Real Life=RL emulation or gamer interpretation plus open surfboard usage policy as opposed to competitions requiring only one brand of board. The XSA and M.U.S.T. surfboard organizations and competitions=comps are leading the way in open comps.


Hey there... Seb here. I wanted to let you know our new BETA waves are out (SSi) at Dive World Southwest sim. This is a sim we made for Project AWARE and to help educate people on keeping oceans and beaches clean. The new wave is nearly complete but you can check it out and surf on it now. Here is a link to a video for the Brophys to show them one of the new boards we did for them in an upcoming line of Drew Brophy products. It shows the new wave being tested. Enjoy. :)

-Sebastian Saramago
Action Surf and Skate introduced their new version of Californias fabled big wave break. Nicely sculpted and BIG reaction from surfers is positive. It handles all board types ACTION, SSI and HP plus SSI Windsurfers.

Sadly with surboard sales declining SSI closed their sim. Heather Goodlif left SL and Sebastian Saramago tried to continue on lowering prices. All surfboard decorators / designers and those with stock SSI franchises with vendors suffered losses as SSI owned vendors failed to deliver. Thousands of L$ were lost refunding buyers for non delivered products losing cost plus comission. The SSI stock franchise cost 5000L$ Each stand alone custom vendor cost 1000 L$ ea yielding 20% comission per board yet technically wasn't owned by the surboard desiger. Each surfboard designer used either stock SSI deckss and decorated the deck and fin or sculpted their own custom shapes/deck, fins plus decorating them. Analog Surf alone had over 1000 models. Typically retailers had 5-20 vendors. Surfcrazy Surf Shop had a stock franchise and 20 custom sculpted models rendered useless although with SSI still being used in competition there is still demand today.

The unfortunate loss to new riders is lack of selection and performance. Each custom board designer adjusted weight, rider position etc with changes to prim location working closely with Seb who is nowhere to be found.

Today 2016 Dee Waverider has monoply on SSI surfboard script (surf engine code) obtaining it by uknown means. She sells her boards using stock SSI blanks.

At least 100+ Stock SSI franchises and designers were/are left hanging, Surf Shops failed pulling out of sl never to return. The real loser is the surfers, the 2500L$ SSI modifiable surfboard is now history too. No more self modified long and short boards, no more modifying weight, fins, or Artwork. New riders have only one cookie cutter choice lacking their own ability to exercise their OWN creativity.

Upset? Bitter? Pissed off? Um yes to put it mildly. the right thing to do would have been to distribute the scripts to all desigers who supported the growth of SSI and SL surfing in general.

Offering a full range of waves from tiny rollers to hollow spitting barrels 2013-16. Foxtrot's waves are plentiful and and popular at SL surf sims. Taking advantage of mesh technology and nice animated water each wave has a different degree of challenge. All surfboards work on these waves good or poorly depending on rider expectation or prefrence. All riders have favorite Maoli's mine is the Tahiti, Great tube with a nicely tapered wall.
Fun ride, doesn't work in all waves no challenge instant hero board. Turns beautifly, great camera
Interesting ride. Jet ski hybrid, numerous tricks, SSI on steriods. Wildly popular with recreation riders and pros. Rides all waves, Mod board available.good camera. Maybe Shack is Sebs Alt!

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For Updates and Registration News Please Visit the SLSA Forum at:

Pre Contest Party at 'Rads' Boneyard, Aussie hot spot 2008

Contest Spectator Viewing Platform 2008

Poid, Sebastian and Heather (Surfboard and wave designers) . Competitors Malcolm and Milo 2008

ABSSL Brasil

ABSSL Brasilian Surfing Assiation SL
Assiciacao Brasileira De Surf No SL

Leogarto Burt HP Surfboards Inc. Brasil (Surfboard and wave designer)

Campeonato Associacao Brasileira de Surf no SL, Ammie Graves 5th Place

Campeonato Associacao Brasileira de Surf no SL

(gone surfing sl :)
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