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Revised 07/13/2016

Surfers, Collectors, Yard Sale Hounds etc increasingly are discovering boards with interesting logos, many professionally produced that have no text or shaper references. Logos of this nature will reside here until their provinance is discovered. Please feel free to email any info regarding these logos, the owners of these boards would appreciate it and the library will be more complete in the process. thanks! Mike
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I have acquired this surfboard and am trying to find some information about this board. One of the logos you make is on the board. I was hoping you could help us to get some info on this board. i didn't know if you had a sight we could go to or someone to write to to find out about this board. Any info would be appreciated. thank you.

jeremy davis <boatsboating1@yahoo.com>

Hi there, I am hoping you can help me! I need to figure out what surfboard logo this is. I have gone through your entire library, and haven’t found a match. Thanks for your help!!!


Hey, I bought a great used 6'1 fish recently and nobody can tell me what the logo is. I looked through your site but couldn't find it, was hoping you might be able to tell me who it is. Feel free to use the picture on the site.

Thanks Adam Yaney-Keller <adamyks@hotmail.com>
My buddy an i, could not fig out this logo, was hoping that you might have some info, was found on a surfboard in California

From: Brit YO MAMMA <deftonesactown@yahoo.com>

Hey Mate, Looking for info on this logo have any idea.

Warren "wassa" <suredeal@aapt.net.au>

Hmm thought fluid drive...

Hey man How are you ? I have a board with this  attached logo on it. Have you seen it before Board is in Venice  and I think from the area. Love to know who shaped it
Have a good one
Steven Pereira
Revised 07/13/2016

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